Sagittarius man in bed astrology

Use your confidence and boisterous enthusiasm for sex to give your partner the same sense of excitement you bring to any endeavors between the sheets. Chances are, though, Aries will be one step ahead of you.

It was hard for me to believe this.

There is no seductive process for Aries people -- most will follow you to bed without too much discussion or fanfare. Aries has sensitive spots around the head, and will be turned on by the idea of you being a conquest. In a long-term relationship, you and Aries will get along, but the undertone to your relationship will always be highly sexual. If you want to extend the magic, be very deliberate about keeping up the chase. Taurus is so calm and cool, you might wonder if this earthy-looking person ever even gets undressed. Taurus is all about enjoying the pleasures of love.

People ruled by the sign of the Bull delight in taking in stimulation through all of the senses. A night in bed with this creature can be like a multi-media marathon of sensuality -- but only if you handle it right. All you have to do is ask. A long-term relationship with a Taurus will take a lot of work for both of you, because while you venture to the edge and push the envelope on a regular basis, Taurus likes to protect what has already been acquired and achieved.

There is a lot you can learn by listening to one another and trying out some things your Taurus person likes. Many of them will appeal to you! The karmic lesson you have to learn here is, no matter how long you and Taurus continue your lovemaking, slow and easy can be even more titillating than fast and hard. When you first come across Gemini, the two of you might be taken aback. Here, after all, is someone who is capable of exciting you with stories of all different kinds of experiences and observations, and yet, seems to have no interest in totally tying you down.

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In fact, if you want to meet more Gemini people, try finding them at a meet-up group of commitment-phobes. Like you, Gemini has trouble understanding why a person would want to restrict all their possible activities with the shackles of a single one-on-one relationship. Because both of you figure life is all about covering territory, you can often skip over the details that make being together in bed so much fun. The two of you may come to realize rather quickly that the ability to allow one another to maintain individuality within the safety of relationship is enough to keep you going for a very long time!

Your karmic lesson here is: maybe there is a match worth coming home to, after all. Looking for more love insight? Cancer has that knack for knowing what feels good before you even realize you want it!

Sagittarius Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

Your caring Cancer can morph into a monster after one of those legendary mood swings. Possessiveness will also crop up, any time Cancer feels threatened. Before long, things might start to get a bit stuffy for you.

The experience of being truly loved simply for who you are will be totally worth it. Cancer will be your 1 fan as long as you remember to administer the large doses of reassurance that are needed to make Cancer believe you really care. The two of you have a fiery bond that keeps you in an almost constant state of arousal. Leo has a lot of pride, and this might make it appear that you have your work cut out for you. The truth is, Leo will be more than honored to follow you into the bedroom. Remember that, first and foremost, Leo will want to be adored. Leo sticks like glue, and will demand that you do the same.

The Sagittarius Man – Sexuality

Your karmic lesson from Leo is to put value on who you are as a person, and consider yourself a great catch -- others, and surely your Leo partner, certainly will. You might not realize how much the two of you have to offer one another until you meet and decide to get nice and cozy.

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Sagittarius Sex - Zodiac Sign Astrology

In bed, Virgo is anything but virginal. Virgo can be very independent, and not as insecure as you might think. A long-term relationship will be strengthened by each of your abilities to understand that when you allow yourselves to thrive as individuals, you have so much more to bring to the table -- not to mention the bed! He trys to get in touch with her, and will be bombarding her emailaddress with messages and her phone with calls, perhaps sending chocolates, flowers and other nice little things.

He is a romantic idealist who believes the next woman will be the only one. No matter how many times he has been disappointed, his optimism remains. He sees each new day as a new opportunity. He is an emotional man of feeling, with a heart that almost desires to be pierced.

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He wants to be in love, but guards himself against a bond. No affair will last long, because it is in his nature to cause problems when there are none. Then his analytical mind wins the upper hand, takes the problem apart in a way that proves that it can not be solved. He defends himself against a tight relationship and hates jealousy in women.

He mostly likes relationships with women who have experience.

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To him, they are easy with their love, just like he is. He also likes to take things with humor. If he falls in love, he will not have the feeling that he signs a contract. At any event, such an agreement would have to include a clause solution. He barely ever knows what he wants. Yes, he can persuade himself into believing that the most important thing in life it is to know what you do not want. Sagittarius men are open and speak out freely. Their blunt expression can hurt others, but tact is not one of his good qualities.

On the other hand, you can be sure that he will keep his word once he has given it. As a friend, he is easily accessible, tolerant and open-minded. He wants to help her improving. If he has invested time in her and she has disappointed him, his former affection will grow into resentment. He can sometimes tend to pointed criticism and silent pouting. He is a perfectionist, and expects his beloved one to show mental and physical conformity.

Sagittarius Sex

However, his criticism is an indication that the person critizised is close to him. He is subject to moods and depression, suffers occasionally from nervous tension and delusions. Fortunately, these phases do not last long. It may happen that he alienates his beloved woman with feelings and temper tantrums. He likes to settle his affairs himself and does not make concessions easily. Experience has taught him that his ambition almost always got him where he wanted to be.

He has what it takes to become a leading financier, but his weakness is that he often uses his talent for things that are not worth his efforts. He is generous, loves luxury and makes lavish gifts.

Sagittarius Man with other Zodiac Signs

He is an excellent storyteller and when invited, a brilliant guest. He prefers smaller parties; too many people under one roof cause discomfort for him. He would prefer not to be under any roof. He prefers the spaciousness of the cloudless sky and the stars at night. He loves to travel.