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Long-term intimate relationships are where Pisces women are most happy, and also the most emotionally free. Depending on the Sagittarius man, it may be hard for him to accept all this heavy emotional expression when he is usually focused on having fun. His upbeat nature will keep her smiling and her appreciation for alone time should keep him from feeling smothered.

The sex drive of a Sagittarius man is extremely high, and luckily Pisces women will match it — provided there is an emotional connection there. They are both spontaneous, which is another plus for them and something the archer especially appreciates. Sometimes, giving in and experiencing the pastimes of your partner will end up gaining you a new favorite hobby as well, so try to avoid creating a household that just feels like having a roommate.

It will be difficult for the pair but not impossible, and luckily Sagittarius will make sure it works if he makes a goal of it.

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The archer generally loves his job and almost always excels at what he does. His goal-setting behavior kicks into the highest gear, and his own ambition often carries him to leadership positions and beyond. The Pisces woman is dutiful but may not put her all into work unless it lines up with one of her passions or her supportive nature.

Her willingness to be overworked and helpful enough to pick up the slack of others makes her beloved by bosses, but may not be entirely healthy or a big positive. When partnered with the archer, they may not always see eye to eye, but she has no trouble following his lead.

Sagittarius Man

They will never be true competitors in any job, and she will consistently avoid taking a leadership position if at all possible. Squabbling between the two is unlikely, and some excellent work can be achieved by their two-person team with no loss of productivity or efficiency. The match of a Pisces woman and Sagittarius man is a clash between a dreamer and a doer.

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It can go well, very well in fact, but often it is a long and hard struggle. This is not a pairing to outright run from or believe to be hopeless, as the mutable quality of the fish and archer mean anything is possible when they are set on it.

Dreams and drives may never truly match, but there will always be room for a passenger on the road for both signs. Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about Pisces woman and Sagittarius man compatibility. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes.

Pisces Woman And Sagittarius Man - An Adventurous But Difficult Match |

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Astrology April 26, Facebook 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0. Rites of Spring. Keep Faith in Yourself. Related posts. How this Eclipse Will Affect…. What Your Summer Road Trip…. The attraction between both of them keeps them strongly bonded even though their style of love is different. Pisces woman knows how to strike a perfect balance in her life by managing the needs and desires of her man. She keeps her Sagittarius man happy by always being there to listen to his ideas and showering him with gifts of love.

He charms her with his masculinity and confidence. They both enjoy a beautiful bond of love which grows with time. The sexual compatibility of the couple depends upon doing the balancing act with perfection. He is a passionate lover who feels strong and irresistible attraction towards his Pisces female. Sometimes even more is less for him.

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He needs to understand that he must mellow down his urge to make intimate and intense love to his lady as she may not approve of such strong physical love making. She is very feminine and longs for more romantic love making. With his intense need for physical love, she may start to feel that the main reason because of which these two are together is physical love and not emotional attachment. He needs to understand that he needs to play a slow game and gradually take it to higher levels so that his lady finds it easier to absorb his acts of love and reciprocate to his actions with her love.

Together, they are able to attain unison but it surely takes mutual efforts and quality time. Sagittarius man enjoys a harmonious and smooth marriage with his Pisces woman. She is one lady who has the best understanding of her man. She knows that he looks for someone who can listen to his thoughts and bestow her trust in his dreams. She is an ideal wife for him who listens to his ideas with patience. He gets completely intimidated by her beauty and femininity. He steals her heart with his honesty and strong personality.

He inspires her to be more creative in her dreams. He is an extrovert who is very different from the Pisces lady; he loves to take risks and he breathes adventures which is totally different from her personality but she knows how to reach the state of equilibrium with their love and affection. The couple needs to understand their differences and accept them with grace to lead a more promising life.

To enjoy a smooth life, they need to make constant and conscious efforts so that they can make their marriage a success despite the negative energies. Impressing a Pisces woman is not so difficult if you are making the right moves.

The Sagittarius Man

You must be able to keep her busy with your talks. She loves to talk and is also a great listener. So be what you are and you will surely have more chances to impress her. She appreciates men who open the door for her or pull the chair for her. So polish your manners before you take her out on a date. Pisces lady is a warm person. She loves everyone around her.