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This story has been shared 35, times. The coming year should be fun as far as relationships generally are concerned, and affairs of the heart could be spectacular.

Time spent thinking and planning will not be time wasted. It never is. If you have any doubts at all that what you are working on is not right and proper then stop immediately. Nothing is more important than being able to look in the mirror and tell yourself that your actions help people rather than hurt them. You hate being predictable and because life has been a bit dull of late you may decide to do something outrageous today. Whatever that something is make sure you have a way to shut it down fast — you could attract the wrong sort of attention.


If a love relationship has not been going too well in recent weeks you can get it back on track by swallowing your pride and admitting that you were to blame for what went wrong. Something you did for a friend or loved one and have since forgotten about will be repaid in full between now and the end of the week.

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Gemini horoscope for August What this month holds for YOU |

Hopefully it will encourage you to help other people even more in the future. This winged messenger is brilliant and has a mind that never stops turning.

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He's all about communication. If you don't know how to open up and share your thoughts and inner workings, you'll soon find yourself looking at a cloud of dust as he runs off to find someone who can. When you're romanced by a Gemini you know it because you're wining and dining at some of the best places in town. It's not just about good food though; the ambiance has to be just as impressive for this lover.

Gemini romance can take place in just about any kind of a setting.

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Moonlit dinner cruises or a black-tie dinner followed by the theater are just some of Gemini's favorite date nights. That isn't to say he can't derive enjoyment from a pizza and a movie at home. It's just that it isn't likely going to be something he wants to do more than once in a blue moon. A Gemini romance is one of variety.

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The more variety you can help create, the better for your love affair. Geminis are an air sign. They are wanderers, and as such they are always moving toward new and interesting parts of life. They will require a partner that is not insecure and will either tolerate or join them in their wanderings, both physical and mental. If Geminis become bored and feel encumbered by a relationship , they will not have a moment's hesitation about ending the relationship in order to move on to a happier place. However, if the relationship is a source of support and happiness, there is no more passionately loyal partner than the sign of the twins.

The way to a Gemini's heart is through his mind. Nothing stimulates and excites a Gemini more than a love interest with a quick wit and agile mind. Exploring how you think is intriguing to this lover. A sexy mind is vital if you're going to maintain a romantic love affair with the twins.


As long as you're also adventurous and enjoy social activities, there will be enough to keep your Gemini lover intrigued, at least for a while. Your Gemini has a difficult time finding his equal match. Mystique is the seduction Gemini seeks, so don't give away all of your secrets. Learning who you are and what makes you tick is intriguing and part of the game.

This is one sign that loves making discoveries, including ones about himself. If you can help him discover new talents or facets about himself, you'll be elevated to the rank of an amazing person. If you are deeply sensitive this relationship may be tough to live with. Geminis have a quick wit and a quicker tongue, and sometimes say things that are hurtful without meaning to do so.

This is not intentional, as a Gemini would never calculate to hurt someone they care for. This tendency to speak without thinking can also cause them to make promises that they cannot make good on. Again, remember that Geminis are more apt to be unthinking than unfeeling.