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Tolstoy had many kids and was obsessed with marriage and fidelity. Twice he tried to leave his estate and fortune to his serfs slaves rather than his kids. Genghis Khan was betrayed by family members. He killed his own brother early on.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility In A Love Relationship [Man and Woman] [Lamarr Townsend Tarot]

Then he chose outsiders he trusted to build his own sense of family. So many of these actresses and actors have been phenomenons, it goes without saying they have great mass appeal. Cancer Rising can play an audience like a harp. Your Ascendant tells you what experiences in life to choose in order to grow.

If used negatively, Cancer Rising can draw experiences of painful rejection and emotional neglect, walling you up behind a neurotic fortress of bottled up or out-of-control hysterical emotions. Emotions come and go and are volatile, unreliable and disturbing. If you come from an emotional place you become unstable, off-center and vulnerable to negativity from others like a sponge.

Your life's ambitious are aimed at bringing financial security. You have friends from different status of society and status does not bother you. You enjoy going on trips and vacation with your friends. This was your attitude towards Relationships as defined in your Birth Chart. Now, decode below your attitude towards self, Career and Emotions. Do you know? Your Sun Sign is different than the one you know. Read here more about your Vedic Sun Sign! Know what the signs of these houses tell about you. Your Self-esteem and Self-worth is proportional to the amount of money you make.

With Leo as the Second House, you place a lot of importance on your finances and earning money. Financial Security becomes very important for you to live a satisfied and happy life. Making money by living in a public eye, or making people laugh, or helping people, or artistically expressing yourself, interests you. You are the one who is cracking the jokes at workplace, trying to make everyone laugh.

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You take work seriously, only if it is of your interest and you care about it. And if you love your work, you will work really hard and might even over-do it and over-load yourself. Work inspires you and you are generally lucky at your workplace. You might have tendency to over-indulge in food, alcohol and hence have problems with weight, drinking and digestive system.

You need to take breaks to exercise and curb the tendency to over-eat.

Cancer as ascendant – compatibility with other signs

Tenth House in Aries makes you competitive and impulsive in your profession. Initially, you might have had stage fright; but as you progress, you start loving the spotlight and the stage. You would be impulsive in your career decisions in the beginning and hence, might land up in a completely irrelevant profession. You need to give yourself enough time to know and understand what you want from career and once you do that, there is no turning back.

Once you figure out what you want, you are ambitious, hard-working, aggressive and competitive to achieve success. You might face competition from not only your coworkers, but also from those above you. Here are free tips on how to select an Astrologer. Cancer Ascendant First Impression, Personality, Creativity and Spiritual Side 'Emotional, Sensitive, Caring with a good sense of humour' is what people think of you, when they first meet you.

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Their identity is strongly based on the emotions and feelings. First House in Cancer renders a personality that is soft, caring, cautious and at times moody. These individuals have a good sense of humour and a strong intuition. Always ready to help, they are sensitive towards the feeling of people around them and are very protective of the loved ones. Full of emotions and feelings, they are at ease when they are able to express themselves.

Cautious about revealing their feelings, they withdraw just like a crab when confronted. They love food. They are advised to stay away from the negative energy. As we know the wheel of zodiac which we see in the sky it exist within us in the form of energy of chakra and according to the our ascendant these energy sets in our life or in our body.

Cancer Rising Sign Personality Traits

Compatibility of the ascendant is the is the flow or interaction of these energy between two people. According to the your ascendant some people in your life will be helpful and some are not. What is your Ascendant Lagna : Ascendant is rising sign at the time of you were born. The ascendant signifies your body, the self and has important clues about your personality and the guiding force in your life. By knowing your ascendant you can have a deeper understanding of about yourself and how you perceive life or life comes to you.

Each ascendant has 12 houses and from ascendant 6th, 8th and 12th house are considered malefic in astrology. The ruling planets of these houses are different for each ascendant, and these rulings planets ascendant are generally not compatible with your ascendants.

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But there is always some exception there. The ruling planets of these houses are different for each ascendant, and the rulings planets of 5th and 9th houses are generally compatible and auspicious with your ascendants. Opposite always attract, opposite to ascendant there is descendant 7th house which always attracts. Their 5th Lord is Sun and 9th lord is Jupiter. Therefore they have good relation and compatibility with Leo, Sagittarius ascendant person. They have normal relation with Pisces Ascendant.

Aries ascendant will not compatible with Virgo Ascendant.

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  7. They generally attracts towards Libra ascendant people. Their 5th lord is Mercury and 9th lord is Saturn. They have normal relation with Cancer Ascendant. Taurus ascendant is not compatible with Gemini Ascendant. They generally attracts towards Scorpio Ascendant people. Their 5th lord is Venus and 9th lord is Saturn.

    They have good relation and compatibility with Libra, Aquarius, Virgo ascendant. They have normal relation with Leo Ascendant. Gemini ascendant is not compatible with Scorpio Ascendant. They generally attract towards Sagittarius ascendant.

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    Their 5th lord is Mars and 9th lord is Jupiter. They have good relation and compatibility with Scorpio and Pisces ascendant. They have normal relation with Virgo Ascendant person.